Troubleshooting compliance issues

If you receive a warranty compliance notification from Cork, there are several reasons why Cork may have identifed a coverage gap. We've outlined these scenarios and resolution steps below.

Important context:

  • As you work through your troubleshooting steps, note that the "resync all" button found on the Integrations page will re-query each of your connections to Cork.
  • We recommend finishing your troubleshooting tasks before resyncing the data, otherwise, a new compliance email will be created each time it is clicked.

Endpoint is in active use but it missing a control (i.e. RMM or EDR)

  1. Install or enable the control on the affected endpoint

One or more integration associated with the client failed to load data properly

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.
  2. If any integrations failed to connect, click the integration's option menu to attempt a resync. If this still fails, check to see if your API credentials have changed
  3. If step 2 doesn't work, notify the Cork team at

Endpoint wasn’t merged properly by Cork

  1. Cork employs an endpoint merging algorithm to deduplicate our findings and ensure we can map coverage properly. Sometimes this algorithm misses non-standard naming conventions. If you believe this issue has occurred, notify the Cork team at

The "last seen" date is far in the past

The last seen date references the most recent date that the endpoint checked into one of the connected controls. This scenario can occur for 2 reasons:

  1. A computer hasn’t been turned on for a period of time (typically >48 hrs) and has not checked in. This may occur after a long weekend or holiday period for users. Wait until users are online, then navigate to "Integrations" and click "Resync All". An updated compliance email will be sent to your team.
  2. The control(s) have been uninstalled from the endpoint. Redeploy the controls to the affected endpoint.

An endpoint is partially decommissioned but hasn't been fully removed from the client in the originating control

  1. Complete the decommissioning process

The endpoint might be associated to a different client identity in a different integration

  1. Within the consoles for your controls, search for the hostname to ensure that it maps to the correct client
  2. If necessary, change the client association